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Developing Sustainable Energy Plans for a Low-Carbon Future

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SMOULDER is an innovative tool for optimal microgrid sizing

Experience a comprehensive solution for Aotearoa New Zealand’s neighbourhoods and communities with our innovative tool

The tool optimises component sizing and facilitates the development of self-sufficient, resilient, and sustainable energy plans tailored to community needs. It optimally integrates renewable energy sources, advanced storage solutions, electric vehicles (EVs), and intelligent load management, empowering you to lead the way towards a greener, more self-sufficient, and low-carbon future.

Unlocking energy resilience potential: Harnessing the power of microgrids

Microgrids offer improved energy resilience, reliability, and security of energy supply for both remote and grid-connected areas, while promoting self-sufficiency and sustainable solutions.

Introducing SMOULDER Web Tool: Empowering Microgrid Optimisation

SMOULDER (Stochastic Microgrid Optimisation under Uncertain Loads and Distributed Energy Resources)

SMOULDER, an advanced optimisation tool developed by Dr. Soheil Mohseni under the guidance of Professor Alan Brent at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, offers a cutting-edge solution for determining the true, optimal size of a microgrid. With its advanced AI algorithms and expertise-driven approach, SMOULDER ensures optimal and efficient microgrid sizing.

Experience the power of SMOULDER Web Tool, a simplified online version of SMOULDER. Designed to provide convenient access to optimisation capabilities, the SMOULDER Web Tool enables you to effortlessly explore and determine the optimal size for your community microgrid across Aotearoa New Zealand.

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