A comprehensive renewable energy solution for neighbourhoods and communities across Aotearoa New Zealand

SMOULDER Aids in Exploring Local Renewable Energy Options

  • Energy Independence and Security: Explore local renewable energy options with SMOULDER to achieve energy self-sufficiency and improve energy security. 
  • Resilient Energy Systems: Develop robust and resilient energy systems that can withstand challenges for a reliable energy supply.                                                                              
  • Efficient Resource Utilisation: Optimise the size and configuration of renewable energy systems for maximum effectiveness.
  • Greater Control and Reliability: Reduce reliance on external energy sources and gain control over your energy supply.

SMOULDER Empowers Community Energy


  • Comprehensive Solution: SMOULDER is an innovative tool that offers a comprehensive solution for communities across Aotearoa New Zealand.      
  • EV Charging Impact Evaluation: Assess the economic impact of on- and off-peak EV charging on microgrids using SMOULDER.  
  • Cost Estimation for Energy Self-Sufficiency: Estimate the cost of achieving energy self-sufficiency for both grid-connected and off-grid microgrids.                                                                      
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Microgrid Costing: Analyse the sensitivity of microgrid costing to changes in candidate assets across the 16 regions of Aotearoa New Zealand.

SMOULDER: Advancing Energy Planning through Data-Driven Solutions

  • A Data-Driven Approach: Harness the power of data with SMOULDER’s AI-based optimisation algorithms, enabling an advanced approach to energy planning.      
  • Tailored Solutions for Aotearoa New Zealand: Benefit from SMOULDER’s comprehensive databases specifically tailored to the unique energy landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Off-Peak EV Charging Optimisation: Optimise the integration of a fleet of integrated EVs with off-peak charging, maximising energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for sustainable microgrid solutions.
Our Solution

SMOULDER Web Tool opens a window into the vast potential of using SMOULDER to accurately determine the optimal size of a microgrid integrating solar PV, wind turbine, battery, and hydrogen technologies