Enhance your community's energy performance and financial viability with SMOULDER's specialised consultancy service

Let our experienced team of experts accompany you on your renewable energy journey, providing guidance and support to help you achieve maximum efficiency, savings, and sustainability  

Community Energy Analysis:

SMOULDER supports communities in assessing the feasibility of developing a community microgrid. By analysing the energy usage habits of the community, our team determines the best course of action to meet the community's energy needs, ensuring a sustainable and efficient solution. Through leveraging local insights, SMOULDER uncovers untapped energy opportunities specific to your community.

Renewable Energy Feasibility and Site Assessment:

SMOULDER offers comprehensive site evaluations to unlock the full potential of renewable energy sources. Our expert team analyses various factors including solar irradiance, wind patterns, and other site characteristics. By taking into account these critical elements, we provide detailed insights & recommendations for selecting the optimal technologies and configurations.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Integration:

SMOULDER offers expert guidance on optimally integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into microgrids, enabling efficient management of the growing EV demand. Our solutions optimise charging infrastructure, considering factors like off-peak charging to reduce grid strain and enhance overall system performance. By leveraging our expertise, your microgrid can effectively and reliably accommodate EVs.

Microgrid Optimisation:

Utilising advanced analytics and AI-based optimisation algorithms, SMOULDER determines the true optimal size of a microgrid by considering various factors, including the variability of renewable energy generation, load demand, and wholesale electricity market prices. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your microgrid is perfectly sized for maximum efficiency, resilience, and cost-effectiveness.

Sustainable Energy Planning:

SMOULDER collaborates closely with clients to develop comprehensive and customised sustainable energy plans, leveraging our extensive data specific to Aotearoa New Zealand. Our solutions utilise robust databases tailored to the unique energy landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand, providing innovative insights and paving the way towards a more sustainable, resilient, and low-carbon future.


SMOULDER Web Tool provides a compact yet powerful version of our advanced optimisation software. Designed specifically for neighbourhoods and communities across Aotearoa New Zealand, it enables you to determine the optimal size of grid-connected and off-grid residential microgrids integrating solar photovoltaic (PV), wind turbine, battery, and hydrogen technologies, with standard or off-peak EV charging.
Our Solution

If you're looking to determine the optimal size of a solar PV, wind turbine, battery, and hydrogen microgrid for your community in Aotearoa New Zealand, look no further than the SMOULDER Web Tool